Cufón is neat. Pixels are neat. Create Cufón-compatible pixel-based font.js files from specially prepared gifs with Pxfón.

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The .gif

Each character must be inked in black (#000). A red (#F00) baseline must appear behind each character. Characters can be placed on any color background other than black, red or white. A white (#FFF) vertical line must separate each character.

Simple tracking can be achieved by leaving space between each character and its white separator. View/download the sample gif.

Name this Pxfón

Character Map

Enter each character in the order they appear in your gif. (Only use a space where you intend a character to be interpreted as a space.)


Pxfón requires font-size to be set at multiples of 10px for crisp, aliased type. Don't let the web see you blur. More info.

Get Cufón by Simo Kinnunen.
Pxfón ©2009 Shaun Inman. So Minted.